About us

We are Familia Hai Hui (translation from our native language would be “The wandering Family”), a regular 2 adults and 2 children family, who love travel, people and stories. The grown-ups, fully licensed as managers in tourism industry, having 15 years experience and a lot of individual and couple travels, became a travel family by the time first son was born (Ionuţ, in 2008). In 2010 our family enlarged with a new member, Andrei , and since then we are enjoying each day and each memory as a family in  our daily routine and extraordinary holidays.

Our purpose is to inspire other families with children to enjoy family travels, create fun and unforgetable  memories, to counsel and help other families to find the best suitable holiday option for them and their family, considering our own personal family travel experiences with our children.

Family travels help us feel free, adventurous, fun and relaxed, have improved our relationship with the boys and made us share these experiences and knowledge with you.

The Team of Familia Hai Hui:

Alina, 38 years old, tourism professional, writer for our family travel blog and entrepreneur, creative part of the Family

Florin, 45 years old, tourism professional, photographer and entrepreneur, rational and technical part of the Family

Ionuţ, 8 and a half years old, a smart and friendly boy, loves football and hiking.

Andrei, 7 years old, a loving, empathetic and funny boy, loves to swim and snorkel.

We can assist and support you with suggestions, offers and bookings for:

  • Couple and family travels;
  • Planning a trip, an itinerary, tips and tricks travel related, travel gear and luggage;
  • Finding the most suitable destination or activity for you ans your children;
  • Personal and honest reviews for airlines, hotels and resorts, theme parks, cruises, tours and excursions, special activities, etc.

Our Motto: We test, your family travels!