5 reasons to read, follow us and join our family travel club

3 May 2017

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Hi, there!

We are Familia Hai Hui (which means “wandering family” in our language), a travel family of 2 adults (Alina and Florin) and 2 beautiful children (Ionut and Andrei). We came up with the idea of this long-waited beloved project, a travel blog and online journal of our family travels and activities, more than 2 years ago, but only today this project comes to life.


Why should you read and follow us?

For start, here are 5 top reasons:

1. We have family travels with children experience and know-how because we are doing it for 8 years.

Our oldest – Ionut – was only 9 months during his first holiday and flight, our youngest – Andrei – was only 2 months old. Since birth, we all had at least 2-3 longer holidays and many city breaks, every year. At first with 2 strollers, one baby cot, potty, toys, pampers and food for babies, plus a luggage of baby clothes (or two).

During their first 3 years we did stay closer to home (we had our holidays in Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Romania). But when we had our first transcontinental flight with our sons, Andrei was 4 and Ionut was five and a half. And during Amsterdam – Singapore flight which took 12 hours, they slept like angels for 11. It wasn’t always like this though.

We are truly travel addicts as travel is more than a hobby for us, it is also our job: we are trained and certified tourism professionals, with experience in travel agencies, hotels or rent-a-car.

2. We will write our own personal reviews, good or bad, about places, hotels, tours, attractions, what to do with the kids in a certain location, from family with kids perspective.

Our blog posts will show our family travels and activities, special tips and tricks, special offers from airlines, travel agencies or hotels we know before the public (we told you, we are in travel business, didn’t we?) Yes, there will be negative reviews or downsides, not everything goes smooth when you travel, even if you plan it right.

3. We will only recommend what is truly worth promoting.

The purpose of this travel blog is to inspire you to travel more with your family, with your children, to give you smart pieces of advice and information for the most suitable and enjoyable family holidays with your children.

All our travel experiences have been financed by us. We do not have paid content, barters or free stays, sometimes this can hurt objectivity. If, however, in the future we will have such cooperation, we will mark our posts accordingly and apply rule (reason) number 2.

4. We are friendly (especially Alina) and funny (especially Florin).

If you find we did not cover well a topic, you can fill in or ask us to describe more, our blog posts will be informative from our finished journey point of view. We try to describe our personal experiences as attractive, realistic and not boring way possible (if you made it this far, thank you, we are working on using few words to tell a lot, but in travel industry is a bit hard to do that).

Please feel free to comment and tell us what you would love to find on our travel blog and we will try to do it!

5. You will read about our personal family travels with our children during:

– Cruises – in Europe, Carribean, Asia, Australia&New Zealand, with three different cruise lines (we will review our cruises with MSC Cruises, Royal Carribean and Celebrity Cruises);

– Theme and water parks from around the world (we love theme parks, we are adrenaline addicts and the gene passed on to our kids): Disneyland Paris, Portaventura Spain, Universal Studios Florida, Disney World şi Legoland Florida, Universal Studios Singapore, Legoland Malaysia, Sea World Orlando, Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore, Atlantis the Palm Dubai;

– Less active, more relaxing seaside or mountain holidays, in Antalya resorts or in our home country beautiful places, Romania;

– Child-friendly cities and attractions from our beloved Singapore, Dubai, Miami, New York, Barcelona, Sidney etc;

– One lifetime experiences we had, such as snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, safari in the desert outside Dubai, Xcaret Park Mexico (near Playa del Carmen, Cozumel), natural parks in Costa Rica, magnificent natural habits lookalike zoos, night safari, white sand and turquoise water beaches as you see in postcards etc.

If you want to follow our adventures and posts, be our friend on social media.


Join our family travel club – clubul Familiei Hai Hui (that’s our Romanian name)!

We promise not to spam, but to offer you plenty of reasons to come back (discounts, e-books, group family travel programs), suggestions, posts inspired from tourism industry etc.

We will permanently improve this website: we will add new destinations and experiences each year and we will try to show you beautiful places from our lovely Romania. We can think of some more reasons to read and follow us, but this article would never end. Remember, a comment and a share will help us understand we are on the right track and encourage us to go on.

Thank you for your friendship!

Welcome to the family travel club!

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